5 GIFs That Sum Up Life as a Night Owl

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Oh boy. Unless you have a night shift or late classes, and you’re a night owl, you know that mornings are the bane of your existence. You don’t get why the world has to function on a morning cycle and think of those morning people as aliens from another planet. Here’s five GIFs that sum up life as a night owl.


  1. Morning. Sucks.

You’re ready to grab a bat and go ape shit on your alarm clock…or that one person who won’t STFU at work.


  1. The whole world is in slow motion.

Where’s the fast forward button? You can’t seem to make sense of things.


  1. Lunch hour approaches.

Okay now people can say hi to you!


  1. It’s evening time and everyone’s tired…but you.

And so you go home, and while everyone’s asleep.


  1. 2AM and you’re still going.


You’ll regret it in the morning, but that’s just how life is!

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